Transport and services

Modern facilities, trained staff, express transport, personalized services, modern warehouses, storage services in areas and absolute coordination allow Corriere Cecchi to be a reliable logistics partner that can adapt to the needs of its customers.


The transport service is operating 24/24 h, it follows all means and organizes both industrial loads and primary tractions.
We guarantee, in addition, a daily service to France, Austria and Switzerland.
Visit the page dedicated to the commodity areas to learn about the types of products stored and distributed by Corriere Cecchi.


The company's decision of Corriere Cecchi is to saturate to the limit their stores using a driver system that also delivers excellent storage density improved by a "shuttle structure". This allows us to optimize the available space on the driver up to 95% against a 75% of a traditional warehouse.
Corriere Cecchi is also present at thier customers' plants where they are applied, at the end of the production line, automated systems to take charge of the goods, having a complete management of goods from production to final destination.

Corriere Cecchi has stores throughout Italy, areas equipped with shelves and semi-automated drives mapped by radio frequency system for FIFO management that can ensure maximum efficiency and safety in the management of orders.
Its warehouses are all equipped with cold storage facilities to control humidity and temperature, protected from light, for the perfect preservation of food products, which require specific treatments to avoid corruption.

The main warehouse, located in Prato (PO), has a total area of 30000 square meters with 17,000 pallet spaces and a productivity of 5000 hours per year. It manages a total of 2,000 active codes, 50,000 parcels a day, equivalent to 1000 pallets and 6000 lines of picking a day with an average of 240 daily shipments. The Meadow stock also the relaunch Hab function to all destinations in Italy.

The stock Seano (PO), carries out capillary logistic distribution in Tuscany and Umbria. It has a total area of 35000mq, average output of 900 pallets per day, equivalent to 8000 pcs., 1500 lines of picking, or 150 daily shipments.

We also have additional logistic warehouses for distribution and storage, and we are present as Logistics Provider in the production sites of major customers in the food and personal care industry, taking charge of the goods management from the end line to the load line on departing vehicles.


Corriere Cecchi offers a wide range of services and logistics solutions to fit the needs of its customers.
The Corriere Cecchi services include:

»Storage products
»Product Input using code reading SSCC and EAN
»Portfolio management orders
»Booking management
»Optimizing inventories
»Dedicated Customer Service
»Packaging, construction, pre-packaging and packaging
»Transfers from Fine Line of the finished product
»Management goods Traceability
»Sending DSADV
»Quality check
»Automatically Sending tramiteEsilive outcomes
»Tracking & Tracing
»Means to standard and equipped with satellite

From managing outsourced inventory management supplychain Corriere Cecchi is committed to ongoing efforts to improve the flow and management efficiency to optimize the organizational process, storage and distribution.


Corriere Cecchi Srl offers, among others, the goods storage service at its stores, in equipped areas on shelves and drives mapped by radio-frequency system for FIFO management. By managing the storage and distribution processes, Corriere Cecchi enables its customers to increase productivity, reduce inventory, lower costs of supplychain, maintaining high flexibility.

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